a mini road course in a large parking lot or unused airport tarmac created with traffic cones. The goal is to be the quickest around the course, without incurred penalties for not following the course or knocking down cones.
What is autocross?

Getting Started

Being Prepared = More Fun
  • Driver's License
  • You'll need a valid driver's license to compete, unless you're in a kart class. If under 18, both parents will need to sign a waiver.
  • Helmet
  • A limited number of loaner helmets are available the day of the event. We like to use them for people who want to ride along. Not all helmets are qualify.
  • Download List
  • Vehicle
  • Although autocross doesn't require special safety equipment like race cars, the car (kart) still needs in good mechanical order.

Event Day

We compete in all weather. Rain or shine. Make sure to bring your weather appropriate clothing... don't forget the sunscreen!

First thing all competitors should do is go to registration. Pay your money, get your number, and drink your favorite caffeinated beverage while talking to your friends in line. Don't forget to bring your driver's license.
Next it's on to tech inspection. This is where your helmet and car will be inspected. The vehicle inspection is to ensure the safety of all competitors (including yourself), workers, and spectators. Safety First!
Course Walk
Every course is different. Walking the course is vital. This is a great opportunity to talk to more seasoned veterans about how to approach that tricky slalom. We also have a novice walk for those who want an expert "how to" approach to the entire course.
Driver's Meeting
This is meeting is mandatory for all competitors. It's filled with vital safety and course information. For novices, this is where you'll learn penalties and worker positions. Competition starts immediately following!

Car Classes

Levels of Competition

Fort Wayne Region SCCA is just one of hundreds of SCCA regions all across the country. You don't have to be a member to participate. Our Region is Fort Wayne IN, and the four northwestern most counties in Ohio.
Divisional events have competitors accross 19 regions. The Fort Wayne Region SCCA is part of the Great Lakes Division. The GLD is made up of 19 member regions, from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
National events take on three different types of events with the toughest competition. Match tours are 2-day traditional autocross events. Championship Tours are 3-day events similar to the year end national championships, and ProSolo start like drag races, where reaction time and good launch are vital.


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