a scenic drive with a purpose. Competition is measured by when teams arrive at precisely-measured checkpoints set up along the rally route where the exact arrival time has been calculated based on the designated average speeds.
What is RoadRally?


  • Touring
  • events where the emphasis is on staying on-time and arriving at each checkpoint at precisely the correct time. These are also known as Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) events and they use easy to follow route instructions to guide contestants along roads that are fun to drive. In addition to instructions which include average speeds, sometimes the mileage is given for each route instruction which makes the course even easier to follow.
  • Course
  • have TSD elements, but offer the additional challenge of specific rules for following the course. The General Instructions for a Course Rally describe those rules and contestants are tested on their ability to follow those rules, observe signs and landmarks, and to follow specific directions.
  • GTA
  • named for their "Game, Tour and Adventure" elements, GTA rallies are like Course Rallies, but without average speeds and checkpoint timing. Scoring is typically based on your ability to correctly answer questions about things that you see along the rally route.

Event Day

We compete in all weather. Rain or shine. Make sure to bring your weather appropriate clothing... don't forget the sunscreen!

First thing all competitors should do is go to registration. Pay your money, get your number, and drink your favorite caffeinated beverage while talking to your friends in line. Don't forget to bring your driver's license.
Tech Inspection
Next it's on to tech inspection. This is where your helmet and car will be inspected. The vehicle inspection is to ensure the safety of all competitors (including yourself), workers, and spectators. Safety First!
Driver's Meeting
This is meeting is mandatory for all competitors. It's filled with vital safety and course information. For novices, this is where you'll learn penalties and worker positions. Competition starts immediately following!

Car Classes

Levels of Competition

Fort Wayne Region SCCA is just one of hundreds of SCCA regions all across the country. You don't have to be a member to participate. Our Region is Fort Wayne IN, and the four northwestern most counties in Ohio.
Divisional events have competitors accross 19 regions. The Fort Wayne Region SCCA is part of the Great Lakes Division. The GLD is made up of 19 member regions, from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
National events come with the toughest competition.


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